About nPruv, Inc.

Why nPruv?

Because everyone deserves access to all available clinical trials

How We Do It

nPruv's online marketplace and in-clinic solution matches patients and doctors with available clinical trial opportunities.

The nPruv application provides a consumer-friendly interface that empowers patients to FIND, MATCH and SHARE clinical trial opportunities for medical conditions that affect themselves, their friends and their family.

The company is currently conducting a pilot program throughout the greater San Diego area. nPruv will launch its national platform in early 2015. To learn more about nPruv or to inquire about partnership or investment opportunities, please contact us.


Next Generation Patient Recruitment

nPruv is a patient-centric, scalable platform for clinical trial recruitment campaigns of any size.

The nPruv application reduces the time and cost of patient recruitment for clinical trial sponsors/CROs, while increasing revenue and reducing the recruitment workflow for the physicians and clinics hosting the trials.

We believe that patient awareness and engagement are paramount for clinical trial innovation. Together, we can bring lifesaving treatments to those who need them most. Contact us to hear more about our vision and how nPruv is making clinical trial innovation a reality.


Advisory Board

  • Malcolm Bohm President/CEO at Liquid Grids; Board at Clinical Trial Search; Founder of Trialytics, Inc.
  • Omar Perez, Ph.D. Dx Lead, Director, World R&D, Clinical Resaerch and Precision Medicine at Pfizer
  • Sanjay Shukla, M.D., M.S. VP & Head, Integrated Medical Services at Novartis; Advisory Board at RxMD
  • Ash Mehta, MBA CEO at PatientClick; Business Advisor at CONNECT

Scientific Advisory Board

  • James H. Fowler, Ph.D. Prof.of Medical Genetics and Political Science at UCSD; Facebook R&D
  • Gunnar Trommer, Ph.D. VP, Global Marketing and Customer Services at Sotera Wireless
  • Susan Pernia, MBA, PMP Small Business Mgmt. Consultant for Foundation Enterprise Development & SDSU
  • Howard Asher CEO at ATM Health; Chairman at Abnology; Partner at ScaleMatrix

Key Opinion Leaders

  • Allen F. Richburg, M.D. Partner at SD Sports Medicine and Family Health Center; Head U.S. Olympic Physician
  • Jason Lichtenberger, M.D. Director at Hecht Aesthetic Center; ENT, Facial Plastics Reconstructive Surgeon
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