Why participate in a clinical trial?

Knowing your treatment options is critical to making informed decisions. We hope you find this service useful in your search for treatments.If you qualify for a trial, you could benefit from free exams, improved healthcare, and compensation for your time and travel.

You can help bring groundbreaking treatments to patients faster. Right now, millions of patients lack effective treatments for chronic and life-threatening conditions. Their only hope is that researchers find new and better treatments. Millions of patients have participated in research studies. Some do it for themselves, while others do it as a gift to future patients with the same disease or condition. Your participation in a clinical trial could help others find a cure.

Every day, fit and healthy people like you participate in clinical trials. By participating in paid clinical trials, you could receive compensation for your time, while helping researchers develop new and better treatments. You may also benefit from free medical screenings and healthcare services at no cost to you. Your participation in a clinical trial could one day benefit millions of people. Register now to find and learn about paid clinical trials near you.

How it works

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This service is currently only available in select areas. You can still register for an account and you will be notified when it becomes available in your city. We hope you find this service useful and would love to hear from you with feedback and questions about our site.

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We value and respect your privacy. Our single purpose is to empower patients by providing access to available clinical trials. We provide you with information and contact details for clinical trials near you. We do not sell your personal information to 3rd parties. You can review our complete Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on our website at anytime.

For Physicians and Sponsors/CROs

If you are a clinic, sponsor or CRO interested in connecting patients to clinical trial opportunities, please contact us and click here to learn more.